The New Age of Pioneers

Supporting and Building
a Better Future

Standing on the rich history and cycles of the past to present, we, the Pioneers, commit ourselves to those who beckon to us from the future, full of challenge, but rich in possibility.  We embrace servant leadership as our responsibility, all life as precious, and each day as a blessing.

Collectively team Space Age is comprised of a set of product experts and serial entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and expertise within media production, product design & innovation, technology development, brand marketing, economics and finance.

The Captains

Emery Bishop

Cofounder | CEO

Jackson Griese

Cofounder | CMO

Hope Lancaster

Creative Director


Chief Space Husky

Passionate Explorers One and All

Ship’s Crew, First Class


Here’s Space Age’s team of rock stars and rocket scientists, supplying her maiden voyage with the absolute right stuff. Sonic 💥BOOM!

  • Ivan Ilijasic, Architect-In-Residence | Platforms/SaaS
  • Susahosh Rahman, Architect-In-Residence | AI/ML
  • Sofia Senisi, Account Ace
  • Nathan Walton, Account Ace
  • Jeff Garrison, Account Ace
  • Malcolm Poole, Writing Ace
  • Chantalle Sanelli, Writing Ace
  • Vitor Blois, Illustration Cadet
  • Polina Singh, UX Design Ace
  • Hyeryun Hong, UX Design Ace
  • Rakesh Gohil, Agile PM
  • Don Alex Varghese, Motion Graphics Designer
  • Andrea Bravo, Marketing Ace
  • Jennifer Robnett, Writer Ace

Geraldyn ‘Jerrie’ M. Cobb. 1961 (pic). Ace pilot, world record holding aviator for speed, altitude and distance. Top 2% tested in rigorous physical and psychological examinations for the elite astronaut corps of Nasa. Role model. True pioneer. 

Space Age Values

Our team strives to embody the following values for our partners and each other:

  • Integrity

  • Relentless

  • Innovative

  • Entrepreneurial

  • Planet First

  • People Always

  • Profit Sustainably

Future-Era Integrity

Every Space Age brand partner meets the following standards for excellence:

  • Premium

  • Transformative

  • Authentic

  • Ethical

  • Socially Conscious

  • Environmentally Conscious