AIaaS Consulting & Platform Solutions

Space Age’s AI team and tools help modern organizations build and deploy end-to-end artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science solutions so they can be faster, better, smarter, and more efficient.

Systemize the Predictable, So you can Humanize the Exceptional

Businesses of any size now have the ability to leverage AI and data science, in order to dramatically enhance employee and customer experiences. Scale your organization on top of an always improving software stack.

Choosing the Right AI

Helping to augment human talent with powerful AI collaborators in industries from technology and engineering to retail, energy, food and health. Space Age helps our clients fully understand the possibilities and the landscape of a new generation of AI products so they help develop solutions efficiently and strategically to meet their short to long term goals.

AI Solutions

Space Age's lean and agile team of full-stack engineers and data scientists provide extensive cross-industry knowledge backed by scientific rigor. Whether licensed or custom designed we can accelerate the implementation of the best solution.

AI Discovery and Advisory

Space Age consults with clients on how to select and integrate the right AI strategy in order to unlock hidden value, provide sharper decision-making or gain deeper operational insights.

Custom Automation to Augmentation

Leveraging state-of-the-art techniques to design, build, and deploy best in class solutions to automate or enhance workflow, lower operating costs or improve the customer experience.

AI Platform Implementation

Greatly expand capabilities at a minimal expenditure of time, hardware and staff. Get support leveraging the diversity of existing lead offerings by industry, rather than building new tools.