End-to End International Expansion Planning

Guidance through the expansion process. Logistics planning, infrastructure expertise and global culture consulting for your leadership team.

Globally Distributed Enterprise Policy Creation

Policies, toolkits, and workflows that keep your distributed workforce compliant, productive and optimized for virtual collaboration.

Digital-First Company Transformation Expertise

Groundbreaking research and support for innovators covering psychology, technology, and AI, to benefit the Future of Work.

Flexible Workspace & Hybrid Organization

Consulting, research and execution on workspace essentials and hybrid systems for optimizing the satisfaction and productivity of your organization.

Global Organization Transformation

People and Enterprise Change Management 

To go from regional to global, emergent enterprises have to drastically change their operating model as they scale up. Amongst all these changes there must be a foundational playbook developed from the leadership group of how the new organizational vision is realized with minimal disruption, maximum adoption, and benefit realization. Space Age works with leaders to manage these changes including:

  • Supply chain management
  • New global policy creation
  • jurisdiction specific legal & IP
  • new logistics & distribution planning
  • partnership development
  • remote office planning and HR

Hybrid Work Environment Structures

For enterprise companies concerned with returning to effective operations while also fostering an agile, pandemic-proof business model, remote operations provide the optimal solution. Transitioning to a Hybrid-remote structure – which incorporates both remote and in-office work as a part of employees’ regular schedules – provides businesses tremendous, sustainable benefits, while mitigating any major liabilities. 

Innovative solutions and transitions are often born out of these disruptive environments, and leaders need to be ready to take advantage. Space Age consulting experts can help guide a hybrid work model for your emergent enterprise.

The Solution

At Space Age, we have always been dedicated to exploring, understanding, and shaping the future of work – but the current climate has revamped our motivation. Our expertise in the world of flexible work arrangements is comprehensive and we have distilled and fine-tuned it with industry insights to create our People and Enterprise Change Management Service which provides:

  • The development of a remote work policy for your employees and management that outlines expectations and maximizes the adoption of requisite training, communication protocols, and updated work practices
  • Consultation on the soft- and hard- ware infrastructure, cloud services, and security systems that are best suited for the unique needs of your company to ensure that productivity, collaboration, and safety are improved
  • Strategic partnerships with companies across the future of work industry, including flexible office spaces across North America, that can be leveraged to support the success of your transition
  • Extensive research and resources on how the adoption of a Remote-Hybrid organizational structure will bolster your company’s Triple Bottom Line 


People and Enterprise Change Management

The Space Age People and Enterprise Change Management service package is comprehensive and customizable to the specific needs of businesses at the personal, team, department, and company-wide levels.

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