All-Remote Enterprise

Remoteness is not a challenge to overcome, it’s a clear business advantage.

All-remote environments provide a multitude of benefits and competitive advantages.

Reimagining the structure of one’s day, and how that can easily vary from one 24-hour period to the next, is empowering. The freedom and flexibility that comes with all-remote work enables employees to view work in an entirely new light.

Rather than forcing one to structure their life around a predefined daily schedule and an unavoidable commute, remote work shifts the onus back to the individual.

A number of studies from the likes of GoogleBufferFlexJobs, and IWG show that highly driven individuals who value autonomy and flexibility can experience new levels of joy and productivity in an all-remote environment.

At Space Age, we know the benefits and challenges that come along with working remotely and managing a remote team. We provide assessments for teams considering becoming fully remote and offer evidence-based strategic direction to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

Protect Every Entrance To Your Remote Organization

Distributed Enterprise Security


Protect the Team

Defend all team members from internal and external threats including Training and Coaching, Security Best Practices, Response Teams, Threat Intelligence, Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Compliance.

Protect the Company

Protect company properties as well as prevent, detect and respond to risks and events targeting the business. This includes Security Operations, Anti-Abuse Functions, Security Strategy, Threat Intelligence and Identity & Access Management.

Secure the Product

Strategic Product Security, Application Development and Release Cycle for Product Security Releases, Product Security Research, Security Automation and Vulnerability Management.

Assure the Customer

Resources for Customers regarding Company Security and Safety as a Secure Company, as a Secure Product, and as a Secure Team as a Enterprise-Level Solution for their own organisation.

Application Security

Pre and post Deployment Security Assessments/Tests, Malicious Code Detection, IP Filtering, Lock Down Executables, Monitoring of Programs at Runtime to Enforce the Software Use Policy.

Security Automation

Perform common tasks automatically including building Automated Security Issue Triage & Management, Proactive Vulnerability Scanning, and Defining Security Metrics for executive review.

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