Surreal Capital

Space Age Certified Funding Solutions

Sur-re-al (adjective): Having qualities of a dream, or fantastical notion.

Most entrepreneurs and founders of start-up companies are passionate leaders who want to devote their focus to their visionary pursuits and make a big impact on the world around them. Unfortunately, doing business itself can often get in the way of business growth. Founders and decision-makers can get bogged down with the burden of finding funding and securing partnerships, opportunities, and resources, when they want to focus on what matters most: cultivating and developing their product and service.

That’s where we come in. Surreal Capital is a consulting and acquisition program designed to act as a funding broker for new and small businesses.

Mathematically speaking, a surreal number is a collection or class of numbers containing both the real number, and the respective infinite and infinitesimal numbers; we like to think of business potential in these metaphorical terms. It’s not about the money you do have, it’s about the amount of money you could have and the endless possibilities for growth. With the help of Surreal Capital, our personal liaisons work with you and get to know your business structure, your dreams, and your goals, for the purpose of distilling the best granting and funding opportunities, and helping you apply for those opportunities. We believe in giving you the advantage, by assembling the resources available to you, and setting you up for long-term success.