Welcome to GOOD Lab.

A specialist philanthropy innovation service.


Our purpose is to support great charities & non-profits towards expanding their presence and deepening their impact through fundraising, marketing and strategy.


There are cause organizations eager to achieve more incredible things. Our job is to ensure we get their message delivered, generate loyalty and support, and keep their mission in front of patrons.


We can provide as much or as little support as our charities and non-profits need. From donor communications, to multi-dimensional campaign strategy to one-off special initiatives, we can help achieve the required objective.

Lab Capabilities

Space Age's GOOD Cause Lab is a program designed from the ground up to provide maximum impact to philanthropy partners. We offer three core services and are available to work as a 100% performance based service for select organizations and campaigns. Contact us to learn more.

Digital Marketing & Design

Our team of digital marketers, designers and developers can help our client partners grow their patron base and shine a much needed light on their work.

Fundraising & Grant Writing

Our team of professional researchers and writers can help our partners raise funding levels or acquire new resources towards greater impact.

Strategic Innovation & Impact

Our team of experienced strategists and product creators can help craft the ideal product or campaign for our partners to maximize their good.