Space Age operates as the think-tank for our client partners in relation to bridging sustainability concerns into commercial leadership and competitive advantage.

We are living through unprecedented times combining climate change, human polarization, species loss, food insecurity, a ferocious pandemic and a deep global recession.

We will require Civilizational Change emerging from a lot of other C’s;  Commitment, Collaboration across boundaries, Courage and Compassion.


We must embrace the complexity of global problems. We must think systemically to define root causes. We must propose more meaningful solutions.


To identify and equip each other with the necessary knowledge to help come back in balance and harmony with our planet.

Now more than ever, the strength of your organization’s digital presence will mean the difference between leaping forward or falling behind. Space Age will transform this challenge into an opportunity.

Similarly, companies and organizations prioritizing sustainability today will become the cornerstones of the value chains of tomorrow. In becoming planetary stewards, you can win new business and gain a competitive advantage, all while reducing risk exposure.

We will help you define the business solutions that will generate triple bottom line results for your organization. We’ve been there, behind-the-scenes with over 100 businesses who successfully incorporated sustainability into their core strategy.

A non-exhaustive examples list of results from deploying sustainable initiatives (KPIs are then selected for each outcome)



  • Employee engagement in your sustainable journey
  • Favorable contribution to your reputation capital and to become / remain an employer of choice
  • Facilitates the acquisition and retention of employees, linked to the company’s actions


  • Quantified environmental impacts
  • Comprehensive and transparent results you can share with all stakeholders
  • Increased impacts linked to a potential “snowball” effect generated


  • Creation of recurring financial value for stakeholders
  • Company outreach & positive awareness creation
  • Openness towards other sustainable strategies bringing additional positive results